Our white wines

To buy or taste our wines,
- you are welcome to visit our salesroom at our vineyard in Campagnac-les-Quercy (24550 Capagnac-lès-Quercy - France),
- At our salespoint in Castels (Lieu-dit Les Granges, 24220 Castels et Bezenac - France)
- Near Paris/Versailles area, at our salespoint (24 rue des Dames, 78340 Les Clayes-sous-Bois - France)
- or visit one of the shop/restaurant/hotel listed at the bottom of this page
- or to contact us using this website contact form.

Please note that stocks of the 2012 to 2016 vintages are no longer available.

Domaine Chante l'Oiseau - cuvée Olivia

Domaine Chante l'Oiseau - Cuvée Olivia

The vintage Olivia has a pale yellow appearance and is harvested from the high-quality but low yielding parcel of Chardonnay vines at Chante l’Oiseau. The grapes are handpicked and hand-sorted and then aged in oak barrels. The end result is a fine, elegant and refreshing wine, with a nose characterised by strong earthy aromas of poached fruit and oak. The Olivia particularly complements rich foods such as foie gras and it lingers on the palate with a refreshing, slightly salty taste. 
The Cuvee Olivia is ideal as an aperitif and also goes very well with white meat and foie gras.
This wine will keep well for 10 years or more. 
Domaine Chante l'Oiseau - Cuvée Champs de la Tour

Domaine Chante l'Oiseau - Cuvée Champs de la Tour

This vintage comes from a Chardonnay parcel of vines. It is harvested by hand and then aged in oak barrels for almost 9 months. 

It is yellow in colour, but tinged with green. The nose is characterised by fresh fruit and smokey aromas. It is also very fruity on the palate; the initial taste is lively and slightly salty, which develops further with rich foods; the mid-palate is strong and the wine finishes firmly at the back of the mouth.

Although ideally drunk as an aperitif, the Champs de la Tour goes equally well with fish and hard cheese.

Serve chilled at 12°C. It will keep well for 10 years or more.


Domaine Chante l'Oiseau - Cuvée Viognier

Domaine Chante l'Oiseau - Viognier

A high-quality, elegant white wine, full bodied and strongly perfumed with floral and very developed fruity notes.
The Viognier is an ideal accompaniment for simple or exotic dishes, seafood platters and sushi, however, it will also go perfectly with haute-cuisine and will compliment truffle dishes, foie-gras and cheese platters, as of course, as an aperitif. 
Serve chilled at 12°C.
To enjoy the Viognier at its best, it is recommended that it is consumed between 2-3 years following its date of purchase.
Awards : Vintage 2019 has been awarded a gold medal at the Concours des Vins Terre de de Vins 2021


Domaine Chante l'Oiseau - Cuvée Sauvignon

Domaine Chante l'Oiseau - Sauvignon

Our Sauvignon comes from a selected parcel of land and it is a delightfully refreshing and ‘more-is’ wine. Each sip delivers a lovely fruity pleasure and it is a perfect wine to accompany sea food, fish and many acidic ingredients such as tomato, fresh coriander, basil as well as poultry and salads.
Serve chilled at between 9 - 10 °C
Will keep for 4-5 years.

In-store selling

Boutique du Terroir 
39 Esplanade de la Bréche
24170 Pays de Belves
Tel: 05 53 29 63 07
Le Comptoir des Terroirs
4 Route de Beynac
24220 Saint Cyprien
Tel: 05 53 31 23 55
Fermiers en Sarladais
Le Lander
24200 Sarlat
Tel: 05 53 29 11 86
Point Vert
Le Moulin Rouge
24250 Cénac
Tel: 05 53 28 96 66
Biocoop Sarlat
Zone commerciale le Pontet - La gendonie Basse
24200 Sarlat-la-Canéda
Tel: 05 53 59 03 10
Biocoop Trélissac - Le Grain d'Or
120 Av. Michel Grandou
24750 Trelissac
Tel: 05 53 35 35 97
Foie Gras Martegoutte
Route de Cazals
46340 Salviac
Tel: 05 65 32 00 79
Bio et Saveurs du Terroir
Le Bourg
24250 Saint Cybranet
Tel: 05 53 29 19 49
Maison du Foie Gras
Grande Rue
24250 Domme
Tel: 05 53 28 32 50
Musée du Chai de Lardimalie 
Le Maine
24330 Saint-Pierre-de-Chignac
Boutique des Bois d'Enveaux
24250 Veyrines de Domme
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Hotel de Bouilhac
Rue du Dr. Mazel
24290 Montignac
Tel: 05 53 51 21 46
Restaurant Garden Party
Le bourg-haut, Place des Fosses
24510 Limeuil
Tel: 06 50 35 11 23
Restaurant Le Gabarier
24220 Allas-les-Mines
Tel: 05 53 29 22 51
Restaurant L’Envie des Mets
Le Bourg
24170 Saint Pompon
Tel: 05 53 28 26 53
Cinema REX
18, Avenue Thiers
24200 Sarlat-la-Canéda
Tel: 05 53 31 04 39
Restaurant O’ Plaisir des Sens
Lieu dit Grande Vigne
24250 La Roque Gageac
Tel: 05 53 29 58 53
Restaurant Gueuleton
Cour Renaissance
3, rue Montaigne
24200 Sarlat-la-Canéda
Tel: 06 79 22 69 42
Domaine du Château de Monrecour
Lieu dit Monrecour
24220 Saint Vincent de Cosse
Tel: 05 53 28 33 59
Maison d'hôtes Les Hauts de St Vincent
Lieu dit Le Pech
24220 St Vincent de Cosse
Tel: 06 08 2 19 10 
Restaurant La Forge
Le Bourge
24170 Saint Pompon
Restaurant Appel d'Air
Route de Bitou
24220 Meyrals
Hotel Restaurant des Augustins
49 rue Gambetta
24220 Saint Cyprien
Restaurant La Terrasse
Lieu-dit Moncalou
24250 Florimont-Gaumier
Restaurant Racine
123 route Nationale
32700 Lectoure

Wholesaler / Wine merchant

Plaisirs du Vin
Allée de Riols - ZAC Agen Sud
47000 Agen
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