Domaine Chante l'Oiseau, IGP Périgord Bio, 2 gold medals and a silver one, is actively looking for retail outlets in western and northen part of France (Bretagne, Paris area, Hauts de France) and more specifically in Europe (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg).

Stocks coming from either Les Clayes sous Bois, Yvelines (78) or directly from our chai in Dordogne (24).

If interested, please contact us by using the website form "Contact us" or by phone :+33 6 08 51 33 46 or +33 6 21 94 01 57 for more infos.


The 2022 harvest started september 1st and ended september 14th.

In Périgord like almost everywhere else in France, vines and grapes suffered from excessive heat with a temperature that rised above 36°C quite often.

On june 12th, a hailstorm destroyed some area in the vineyard up to 80% ! Hopefully, warm temperatures and lack of humidity that followed this hailstorm made it so there was no fungus or sickness on the grapes.

We lost quite a lot in quantity but quality will still be there !

Grape Harvest 2022

This summer, CLO will attend 2 events to taste our wines:

- Every saturdays at 7pm from July 9th to August 27th 2022 at the city of Audrix (zip code : 24015) for their "Nocturnal tables",

- Every mondays at 7pm from July 11th to August 29th 2022 at the La Lénotte Camping in Monplaisant (zip code : 24170)

And of course, the domain "Chai" will be opened all summer as usual at Campagnac, contact us for wineyard tour and tasting !

Summer 2022 - CLO events

In spite of the heatwave and a few technical issues, the 2021 harvest has been bottled on June 16th after a few months spent in oak barrels. This year we made a new numbered limited edition of our Chardonnay that we could translate to "The legend of Olivia" (around 600+ bottles coming from a special Chardonnay oak barrel that aged and refined differently).

A few days before, the 3L BiB (Bag-in-Box) were prepared with Sauvignon.

All of these will be on sale this autumn, book your bottles and/or boxes now, as usual, stocks are limited !

Wine bottling

Domaine Chante l'Oiseau is proudly annoucing that our Viognier wine, "le 5è péché" vintage 2019, has been awarded a gold medal at the Concours de Vins Terre de Vins 2021 contest!

This contest tastings were held beginning of May in the Lyon area, with close to 2750 samples coming from all over french vineyards.

You can find the wine sheet at the contest following this link below :



The 2020 harvest started september 4th with joyfullness and good humour at Domaine Chante l'Oiseau and is still ongoing ! Once again quantity and quality will be there...

Grape Harvest 2020

The 2019 harvest has been bottled during the day of June 15th 2020, after a few months in oak barrels. It produced more than 4300 bottles of Sauvignon, called "Le clos Sauvignon", 1600 bottles of Viognier called "Le 5ème péché", 1300 bottles of Chardonnay "Cuvée Olivia", 800 bottles of Chardonnay "Champs de la Tour" and 500 bottles of Chardonnay we called "Eperviers".

The big new thing this year is that we made 3 Liters BiB (Bag-in-Box) with Sauvignon... 3L, perfect format easy to store on fridge because white wine need to be chilled !

Those bottles will be on sale this autumn, our quantites are limited as usual, so book your boxes now !

2019 wines bottling

5 Organic wine makers, IGP PERIGORD, (South West of France), are looking for distributors, Europe and worldwide.

If you are interested, contact us using the website contact form, by phone +33 6 08 51 33 46 or at the following email address : francis.gibert@domaine-chante-loiseau.com


The 2018 harvest has been bottled during the day of July 5th 2019, after 9 month in oak barrels. It produced more than 1200 bottles of Viognier, 4000 of Chardonnay and 5600 of Sauvignon

Those bottles will be on sale this autumn, our quantities are limited as you can see so book your boxes now !

2018 wines bottling

Meet us at the traditionnal Saint-Jean Bonefire, saturday June 22nd 2019 starting at 7pm at la Tour de Moncalou. Event organized by la Cave des Vins de Domme.

Saint-Jean Bonefire 2019

The grape-harvesting conditions of 2018 were exceptional.Having had no rain since the month of June, potential mildew of Botrytis and other fungal problems were limited and, despite the August heat which did certainly slow down the ripening process, the quality of the grapes has been superb.

As a result, therefore, we expect high quality wines with intese aromas.

Fermentation is now complete and the aging process in barrels has begun.

Grape harvest

The 2016 vintages are now sold out with the exception of a few bottles of Viognier... so hurry, while stocks last ...!

The 2018 harvest should begin in late August, early September; the quality of the grapes looks very promising.